16 LED Old Style Floodlight on Pole

All four Floodlights connect to 10 Way USB Powered Connector allowing more Lights to be added.

Simple wiring using Terminal Screw Connectors (Choc Block).

Designed to be wired through baseboard and attached underneath.

1mt USB Lead. Supplied With 3 Pin Plug.

Floodlight is fully assembled and ready to run.

Includes Base Holder (can be screwed to baseboard)

Approx. Size 356H x 115W mm. 

16 LED USB Mains Powered Old Style Floodlight on Pole to suit Subbuteo S

  • Material Info & Care Instructions

    Material Info

    If you want to paint your model. PLA Filament is easily painted with cellulose spray paints or oil paints, though acrylic paints are the best choice. For optimal safety, use child-friendly paints.

    The Model is made using a Polylactic Acid (or PLA for short) filament that is printed in layers from a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD).

    PLA is different than most plastics in that its derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane as appose to most standard plastics that are derived from non-renewable petroleum reserves. Plastics such as PLA that are derived from biomass are known as “bio-plastics”, making the material fully biodegradable within 6-12 months of disposal.

    Care of Your Model

    Keep indoors away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. The model is designed with strength in mind, though is not indestructible! Handle with Care. PLA may be derived from food-based sources BUT IS NOT EDIBLE.


    For display purposes only. This is not a toy. So is not sold as one. Though I have endeavoured in all good faith to make an artistic description of a real-life construction, though is not an exact architectural model and imperfections do arise during the printing process.